The Rima'i is the heart of Tānera'i i Ni'a. 

Vairea has worked on mastering her craft since she was a young girl.

Vairea's Expertise & Experience:

  • experience working with various materials from Polynesia

  • she carries a plethora of knowledge regarding the Mā'ohi aesthetic

  • understands the symbolism/usage of each plant & flower

  • assembles vegetal/plant costumes to fit the situation of each performance 

  • Vairea's work is straight from Polynesia as opposed to making things that *appear* Polynesian

Heart & Soul - The Rara'a:

Specifically, Vairea's expertise is in the Rara'a (traditional Rurutu weaving technique), taught to her by elders of Rurutu island, where the mamas and women are famous for their Pe’ue (mats) & other woven accessories made out of Pae'ore (known also as Lauhala).


At home in Tahiti:

  • she was employed by Lycee Lamennais (Papeete) to teach students how to weave fine mats

  • has worked for 20+ for Heituitevaianitea weaving bags, hats, fans, mats & other items made of Pae'ore

  • has woven rara'a costumes for groups in the Heiva such as Hei Tahiti, Tefana I Ahura'i & Nuna'a E Hau


During competition season (March to July): vegetal costumes for solos can be ordered

  • prices vary based on the request of each dancer

  • she will focus on the tumu parau (theme) of each dancer's presentation to create accordingly to its text 


Off competition season (August to February): 

  • groups or small competition organizations are welcome to book Vairea for a workshop

  • Vairea is happy to take requests for sketches or prototypes to design costumes for groups

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USA: South San Francisco, California

French Polynesia: Faa'a Puurai, Tahiti

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