Hei Here Costume is the name for our design branch of Association Tānera'i i Ni'a. 

Although officially established in 2017, Hei Here is actually the continuation of all Vairea's work & success from previous years in Tahiti. Vairea not only carries experience working with various materials from Polynesia, she also carries a plethora of knowledge regarding the Mā'ohi aesthetic as well as the symbolism/usage of each plant & flower (in vegetal/fresh costumes).



Specifically, Vairea's expertise is in the Rara'a (traditional Rurutu braiding technique), taught to her by the elders of Rurutu island, where the mamas and women are famous for their Pe’ue (mats) & other woven accessories made out of Pae'ore. At home in Tahiti, she was employed by College Lycee Lamennais in Papeete to teach the young girls how to braid these fine mats. Here in the U.S., Vairea is willing to share some of her techniques ---which prove helpful when creating one's own costume for 'ori solo dances & group ‘ōte’a.


During competition season (March to July), vegetal/fresh costumes for solos can be ordered through our association. Prices vary based on the request of each dancer, however, Vairea focuses on the tumu parau (theme) of each dancer's presentation to create accordingly to their text. Off competition season (August to February) groups or small Heiva organizations are welcome to contact us to book Vairea for a costume or Rara'a workshop. We had the pleasure of conducting 2 costume workshops & 2 Rara'a workshops in 2017 & we are looking forward to working more with the 'ori community in the U.S. to share what Vairea has to offer.