'ia ora na, kura ora, ena koutou, kaoha nui & aronga! - warm greetings!


We intend to open the very 1st Tahitian Cultural Center located in the United States & all of North America. At the Tahitian Cultural Center, we welcome everyone to come learn how to make traditional Tahitian crafts, learn Tahitian costume making, Tahitian history & the languages of French Polynesia in the South Pacific islands. There will also be an option to join our privately taught Tahitian dance group, "Tanera'i I Ni'a". Participants can enroll as year-around students however, Tahitian dance students who already belong to existing groups may also come to learn anything & everything Ma'ohi (Polynesian) in cultural workshops. 

Our grand opening is on hold until after COVID-19 has been proven to be under better control in the United States. To all of our family, friends, supporters & followers, we appreciate your patience, understanding & love during this time. 


Cultural guidance with a lasting impact

We developed the idea for our center based on the cultural necessity and lack of direct access to cultural resources within the U.S. Tahitian dance community. As a Tahitian-American family, we seek to improve the cultural understanding of indigenous Ma'ohi practices & traditions. By teaching our children & their peers the language & traditional dances of their ancestors they are reconnected to their island home 4,000+ miles across the Pacific Ocean.


Over 25 years of experience

Read more about Vairea's active involvement in Tahiti with traditional Ma'ohi weaving known as Rara'a here.

U.S. groups Vairea has worked for:

  1. Tiare Hinano (author & translations)

  2. To’erau Manu Rahi (author & translations)

  3. O Hina’aro Nui (author & translations)

  4. Makamae Melia O Polynesia (author, translations & costume workshops)

  5. Hura Atua Nui (translations)

  6. Tama Toa Nui (group creation, author & translations)

  7. Makamae Tapairu (group creation & translations)

  8. Rima Fetu (group creation, author & translations)

  9. Vai Hau Nui (group & costume workshops)

  10. Kawailehua Ohana (costume workshops)

  11. Merahi O Tehani (costume workshops)

  12. Te Ari'i Ora (costume workshops)

*Honorable member of the Tōmite (Jury) for Heiva Ma'ohi O Patitifa 2017 & Heiva Ma'ohi O Patitifa 2019

*Produced the 1st Pacific Regalia Showcase at Skyline College in May 2018

*Organizer of the "Tauariki 'ori Tahiti U.S. Tour" in January 2019

*Co-producer of the Vai Hau Nui Tahitian Cultural Studies Workshops from February to May 2019

*Organizer of the "Te Faufa'a O Te Mau Mama" Rima'i Tour in April 2019

*Co-producer of the 2nd Pacific Regalia Showcase at Skyline College in May 2019

*Co-producer of the 1st ever Tonga Day at Skyline College in November 2019

*Co-producer of the Makamae Tahitian Cultural Studies Workshops from September to December 2020

Tahitian groups Vairea has danced with at To'ata for Heiva I Tahiti:

  1. Kei Tawhiti (dancer in 2009)

  2. Nohoari’i (dancer in 2010)

  3. Tefana I Ahura’i (dancer in 2014)

  4. Tefana I Ahura’i (dancer in 2015)

  5. Tere'ori (dancer in 2019)

Tahitian groups that Vairea served as part of their Costume Team for Heiva I Tahiti:

  1. Hei Tahiti (costume design team, specializing in rara'a for the Tane Costumes in 2012)

  2. Tefana I Ahura’i (costume design team, led confection of Grand Costumes in 2014)

  3. Nuna'a E Hau (costume design team, specializing in rara'a for the Grand Costumes in 2018)

  4. Toahiva (costume design team, assistance with Grand Costume headpieces in 2019)

Tahitian groups Vairea has learned from over the years:

  1. Tamariki Oparo (dancer in 2007)

  2. Ahutoru Nui (dancer in 2011)

  3. Pupu Tuha’a Pae (dancer in 2013)

  4. Heikura Nui (dancer in 2016)

*Danced in Heiva i Raromata'i (Bora Bora) in 2003.

*Danced in Matava'a O Te Fenua Enata (Nuku Hiva) in 2007.

*Served as a Ra'atira Ti'ati'a in the Taurua i Faa'a competition.

Rima'i (costume/craft/artisanat) associations in Tahiti that Vairea has worked with:

  1. Heituitevaianitea Association (Vice President & artist)

  2. Federation Faa'a Rima Ve'ave'a (artist)

  3. Tomite Tahiti Ite Rima Rau (artist)

  4. Heiva Rima'i (artist & vendor)

  5. Noera A Te Rima'i (artist & vendor)

  6. Tahiti Autrefois (model for the 2016 showcase at Taraho'i)

*Recipient of the title & honor of being crowned as "Miss Heiva i Va'a 2012"

U.S. groups Ryan has been Ra'atira (speaking chief) for:

  1. Nemenzo (2013 & 2014)

  2. Te Fare Upa Here (2015)

  3. Tiare Hinano (2016 & 2020)

  4. O Hina'aro Nui (2017)

  5. Makamae Melia O Polynesia (2016 & 2018)

Tahitian groups Ryan has danced with for Heiva I Tahiti:

  1. Heikura Nui under the direction of Iriti Hoto, Heiva i Tahiti 2013

  2. Tefana i Ahura'i under the direction of Wilson Tokoragi, Heiva i Tahiti 2015

  3. Heikura Nui under the direction of Iriti Hoto, Heiva i Tahiti 2016

Master Orators from Tahiti, French Polynesia that Ryan has studied under:

  1. Apprentice of Gerard Tepehu, master orator. Studies in the 'orero (oratory arts) & Reo Tahiti (Tahitian language), 2013 to 2017.

  2. Current student of Marie Rose Vana'a Teriitehau, esteemed Tahitian author. Studies in tumu parau (theme writing), 2020 - today.

*Recipient of the title & honor of being crowned as "Mister Maeva 2014" (Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete)

*Recipient of the title & honor of being crowned as "Mister Heiva 2015" (Heiva Ma'ohi O Patitifa)

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French Polynesia: Faa'a Puurai, Tahiti

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